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Bodenham Parish Council Notice


Planning Applications
The following planning applications were considered at the Parish Council Meeting on 6th November:
  • 171319: Land adjacent to Englandís Gate Inn; Residential development of up to 10 dwellings with associated vehicle access. The Parish Council objected to the application on the grounds of inadequate vehicular access.
  • 173549; Eastfields; Proposed general purpose agricultural building for the storage of hay/straw bales and farm machinery. The Parish Council decided not to object to the application, provided that consent be conditioned on the provision of adequate surface water drainage and non-intrusive lightning.

  • The Parish Council made no objection to the following planning applications:
  • 173475; Tan Y Bryn; Proposed garage/store.
  • 173805: The Hollies: Proposed single storey extension to rear.
  • 172393/CD4: Bodenham Lake: Creation of a pond with a boardwalk to allow children to pond dip. The pond will be 10m x 12m, with a spit of earth through the centre. There will be a gravel access path for pedestrians.

  • Litter Pick
    The litter pick on Saturday 4th November yielded, nineteen large black bags of rubbish and quite a few large items. To see the photograph please click on the link at the end of this notice.

    Thanks are due to the volunteers, namely: Tim and Rebecca Burnill, Kay and Tony Clark, Wendy and Dave Curd, Heather and Elwyn Davies, Jennifer Easson, Robin George, Andrew and Sue Maxwell, Babs and Tony Mitcheson, Nan Murdoch, Jenny Nicolson, Jeff Pollard, Evan, Georgia and Rhian Powell, John Rice, Chris Smith, Lavinia Sole, James Uren, and Sally and Gareth. Thanks are also due to the staff at Balfour Beatty, who provided the safety and litter picking equipment and removed the rubbish promptly on the following Monday. The next litter picks will be held on Saturdays 24th March and 3rd November 2018.

    Following the litter pick it has been reported that wine and spirit bottles are frequently found dumped in the Maund Bryan area. Could anyone with information about this please contact the Parish Clerk.

    Accident Log
    Following a serious accident opposite Saffrons Cross Garage on 28th August, as part of its efforts to im-prove road safety on the A417 through Bodenham, the Parish Council is setting up an incident log in which to record all accidents, near misses and traffic violations on the A417. Please report anything to the Parish Clerk. Including details of any incident in the past few years.

    Neighbourhood Plan
    The Parish Council have now submitted the draft Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents to Herefordshire Council for its 'Regulation 16' Consultation. (See the Neighbourhood Plan update elsewhere in this Newsletter).

    Improving the Playground
    The Parish Councilís Playground Sub-Committee - set up to consider how the money from the developers of Englandís Field earmarked for improvements to the playground is to be spent - has received a quotation from one playground supplier and is considering it, while waiting for other quotations.

    The Village Green
    Following requests to install adult exercise equipment on the Village Green, the Parish Council approached Herefordshire Council, whose response was that the Parish Council could install such equipment only if it took ownership or a long lease of the Green. Both options would require the Parish Council to be responsible for maintaining the Green. Consequently, the Parish Council is obtaining quotations for the cost of the annual maintenance of the Green before making a decision.

    The Telephone Box Library and the Bus Shelter opposite Englandís Gate
    Bell Homes has constructed a new brick bus shelter to replace the old wooden one, and has also repaired the telephone box library. All this has been done at no cost to the Parish Council, which wishes to thank Bell Homes for their generosity.

    Parish Meetings
    The next Meetings of the Parish Council will take place at 7.30pm on Mondays 4th December and 8th January at the Siward James Centre. Everyone is most welcome to attend and raise any matters of concern during the slot reserved for this purpose. If you prefer, you can raise matters in advance by contacting Chris Smith, Parish Clerk, on 01568-797132 or by email at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com.

    The Parish WebsiteÖÖ
    ÖÖ.. Is continually updated. Find the latest news on the Bodenham Neighbourhood Plan there. The Home Page shows a list of future events in chronological order, as well as the latest notices, addresses to go to, Parish Council minutes, and much more. Find out there about Bodenham past, present and future, local news and crime prevention alerts. www.bodenhamparish.org.uk is the website address. You can also find the Bodenham Newsletter there.


    Cllr Alec Avery ~~~~~~~ shalec50@gmail.com~~~~~~~~~~~ 01568-797744
    Cllr Tony Clark~~~~~~~~kay@rosewood166.plus.com ~~~~~~~01568-797943
    Cllr Sharon Collin~~~~~~sharon@saffronscross.co.uk~~~~~~~01568-797366
    Cllr Jim Crane~~~~~~~~~jimcrane1@googlemail.com~~~~~~~01568-797095
    Cllr Dennis Jack-son~~~~~dennisjackson647@btinternet.com~~~~01568-797404
    Cllr Pam James-Moore~~~~pamelajamesmoore@btinternet.com~~01568-797330
    Cllr Richard Layton~~~~~~dewdales@btconnect.com~~~~~~~~~~01568-797251
    Cllr Tony Mitcheson~~~~~~BabsMitcheson@aol.com~~~~~~~~~~01568-797170
    Cllr David Tilford~~~~~~~davidtilford@greenbee.net~~~~~~~~~01568 797658
    Cllr Kathy Tremain~~~~~~ktremain3@gmail.com~~~~~~~~~~~01568-797751

    (Cllr James-Moore is the Chairman: Cllr Mitcheson is the Vice-Chairman).

    Chris Smith (Parish Clerk)~~~~~~bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com~~~~01568-797132

    Cllr Bruce Baker is the Herefordshire Councillor for the Hampton Court Ward (Bruce.Baker@herefordshire.gov.uk).

    Date: 20/11/2017
    Link: Click here for more details

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