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Welcome to Bodenham Flood Protection Group

The Bodenham Flood Protection Group (BFPG) was formed in 2008 as a sub-committee of Bodenham Parish Council to take self-help action to reduce the risks of flooding to properties in the Parish. A short history of its activities can be found here.

The Group has a formal constitution and its Committee, including its Area Representatives, can be found here.

The Group holds regular monthly meetings, usually on the last Tuesday of each month except December. The Meetings are open to the public and residents of the Parish are particularly welcome to attend. The dates of this year’s meetings can be found here.
It also organises fund-raising events, to which all are welcome.

The Group also carries out its most important function of reducing the risk of flooding by clearing drains and watercourses and filling and stockpiling sandbags at fortnightly working party sessions. These are held every alternate Friday evening from 6.00 p.m. onwards when daylight allows, i.e. between April and October, and the work is carried out entirely by volunteers from the local community. If you would like to help with this, or with any other aspect of the Group’s activities, such as fund-raising, your contribution will be most welcome. Please contact the Group’s Secretary, Mrs Babs Mitcheson, on 01568-797170 or by e-mail at babsmitcheson@aol.com.

Flood Risk

Members of the Group can often provide informal advice about the risk of flooding to particular parts of the Parish based on their own experience and local knowledge. However, you should never rely solely on this and the best sources of information are the maps provided by the Environment Agency. These will provide you with indications of the risk from:

  • River (fluvial) flooding from the River Lugg here.
  • Surface water flooding by run-off from high ground here.
  • Guidance on Flooding

    There is a great deal of information available on flooding – what to do to prepare for it, where to report it, what to do during it, what to do afterwards, and so on. Rather than attempt to replicate all that here, we suggest that you start by looking at the Government’s advice which you can find here.

    Flood Warnings

    The Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Information Service website provides a flood warnings map which shows all the warnings and alerts in force at any one time. You can use this to look for warnings both locally in Herefordshire and across the whole of England and Wales. To see the map click here. (You will need to zoom in to find Leominster where, if there is a current flood alert or warning, you will see the relevant triangular sign marked "River Lugg south of Leominster". Clicking on that will give you the alert or warning itself).

    You can also sign up to receive free flood warnings by phone, e-mail or text message by going to the Government website or by calling the 24-hour Floodline number 0345-988 1188.

    In addition, you can check the local situation in Herefordshire in a number of ways, for example:

  • By studying the Met Office weather forecast for the County.
  • By calling the 24-hour Floodline 0345-988 1188 mentioned above - this provides information on current flood warnings in force.
  • By checking the water level of the River Lugg upstream from Bodenham at Butts Bridge in Leominster. This gives a good indication of the likelihood of flooding by the river here in Bodenham. You can see updates on the state of the river at the Butts Bridge gauge provided by the Environment Agency and by the Gaugemap website.
  • By looking up the list of road closures in Herefordshire maintained by Herefordshire Council or the rather more user-friendly map of traffic incidents provided by BBC Hereford and Worcester.

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