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ABF The Soldiers' Charity (Events)

We are The Soldiers’ Charity. We’re here to support the men and women who put everything on the line to defend us, and our country.

We’re here for them with lifetime support whether they are serving soldiers or veterans.

We offer our hand to them as individuals and, when they need help, for their families. We stand by them in conflict and in peacetime, throughout their lives.

The immediate help we offer is a lifeline. But we look to the future too, keeping ahead of the game, finding the best ways to give medical, technical and financial support to give the best possible outlook for the men and women who sacrifice so much for us.

Registered Charity No. 211645. Scottish Charity No. SC039189

Website: www.soldierscharity.org

Bodenham Romania Support Group (Events)

Closure of the Group
It is with regret that we have taken the decision to wind up this Group after 28 years and we would very much like to thank everyone who has supported the Group and Bodenham’s twinned village of Enlaka in Romania.

Over the years several people have made visits to the Village and visits have been made by people from Enlaka to Bodenham – mostly funded by a grant from The Know-How Fund. Thanks to the generosity of Bodenham residents who have supported the quizzes, Buttermarket stalls and car boot sales, it has also been possible to make financial contributions to various initiatives in Enlaka which have helped to set up small businesses and create a thriving Social Centre from a derelict bowling alley.

Even such limited financial help as we have been able to offer from Bodenham has enabled the villagers to obtain ‘match funding’ from Caritas Foundation which has supported what we termed ‘The Social Project’. This has greatly improved the lives of the elderly population in terms of access to domiciliary support, medicines and transport to the doctor or hospital when needed. In the early days we also funded English lessons which has helped the villagers’ communication in their tourist industry.

Special thanks go to the Bodenham Gardening Club who have enabled us to send a large quantity of seeds each year to enable villagers to grow their own food for themselves and families.

It has been very heartening to have such committed support from Bodenham residents and on behalf of the Committee I would like to thank you all.

If anyone is interested in seeing photos or more information about the Group’s activities over the years we would be delighted to share this with you. Please contact me, Pat Horrigan, on 797044 or Margaret on 797096. You could also see Enlaka’s website www.atid.ro/index.php/villages/enlaka .

The Bodenham Romania Support Group was founded in 1989 following an international appeal for aid to the Romanian villages which had been devastated during the Ceausescu regime.

Bodenham villagers responded to the appeal and our village was twinned with a small village in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania - Enlaka. Enlaka was originally part of Hungary but was given to Romania. The villagers’ national language and their customs are Hungarian, but under the Ceausescu regime they were forbidden to speak Hungarian, have the Hungarian flag or celebrate any of their traditional events or customs. During the regime many of the outlying villages fell into depression and disrepair because, of course, all the young people were forced out to join the army or live in the cities, and the elderly people who managed to remain in their homes struggled to eke out a living from the land.

Following Ceausescu’s assassination land was given back to the people and most families now have small parcels on the edge of the village which helps to sustain them, improve their diet and begin to build up family and community life again. The population of Enlaka is mostly elderly people, but now they are able to be supported by their family members who often come back at the weekends to care for the animals and work the family strips of land. Farming methods are very old fashioned; each family has a horse plough - there are few tractors or other implements and very few people have cars!

Bodenham villagers continue to support the villagers from Enlaka and there have been some exchange visits - funded by local fundraising events, but also a grant some years ago from The Know-How Fund - European funding to allow for exchange of expertise to help develop projects.

What we have done. The aim of the Bodenham group is to support the villagers in Enlaka in whatever way is meaningful to them, help the village become more sustainable, to help generate income to encourage the young people back into the village, and to give extra support to the elderly people. From 1993 visits were initiated with Know-How funds and a number of projects set up and supported.

Tourism. The Bodenham group gave £2,000 to a young man to renovate a derelict property so it could be used as a guest house. The knock on effect has been other villagers have also put in inside ‘English’ toilets and have attracted visitors earning them some income from B& B.

Re-generating the Orchards. Each year we send out approximately £200 worth of seeds which are distributed to each family to start off their vegetable patches.

The Social Project. Our funding helped renovate an old derelict bowling alley into a social centre for the villagers – not merely a place to meet, but a place where the elderly people can have an element of care - the doctor (who comes once a month – weather permitting!) uses it as a surgery, people can come for lunch and village meetings and winter activities are held there. Each year we send over £500 for ‘over the counter’ medicines for the villagers who otherwise couldn’t afford to buy them, or for prescriptions for people on very limited incomes.

English Lessons. Our funding helped buy text books and pay travel expenses.

What we want to do. We want to continue to support the Social Project and other requests from people who want to set up various projects which will benefit the village, and continue to offer friendship, and funding for small things that often get overlooked.

How we do it. We aim to raise at least £1,000 a year through local fundraising events, the Quiz in autumn, book and plant sale in spring, and perhaps a concert.

Members of the Bodenham Romania Support Group are: Pat Horrigan, George Horrigan, Laurence Godden, Margaret James, Tony Smith, Gwen Bowden, Renie Stovell, Alison Godden and Bill Johnson

Contact: Pat Horrigan
Appointment: Chairman
Phone: 01568-797044
Contact: Laurence Godden
Appointment: Treasurer
Contact: Margaret James
Appointment: Secretary
Phone: 01568-797096

Christian Aid (Events)
Contact: Veronica Howell
Appointment: Bodenham Representative
Phone: 01568-797839
Website: http://www.christianaid.org.uk/

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust & New Leaf CIC (Events)

Queenswood Country Park and Bodenham Lake are managed by a partnership of two local organisations: Herefordshire Wildlife Trust & New Leaf, working closely with local communities.

Both sites are retained in public ownership through Herefordshire Council and leased to the partnership via a 99 year leasehold ‘community asset transfer’.

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust is the largest membership-based wildlife organisation in the county, dedicated to inspiring people about wildlife, acting as a wildlife champions and creating wildlife havens.

New Leaf is a not for profit co-operative, whose aim is to promote sustainable living in Herefordshire and beyond.

Phone: 01432-530088
Phone: 01432-356872
Email: click here

Home-Start (Events)



Home-Start Support and friendship for families.

Become a Home-Start Trustee and help local parents build better lives for their children.

There are parents near you who are struggling to cope and support the children they love so much. Become a Home-Start Trustee and you can make a powerful difference to their lives. Use your experience and skills to guide and oversee our support service for young families going through difficult times. You’ll get so much back.

To find out more call us …..or
email us …..or
visit our website

Charity no.1113432

Phone: 01432-371212
Email: click here
Website: www.home-start.org.uk

HVOSS (Events)

Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service

"Delivering voluntary and community support services in Herefordshire"

HVOSS is an independent organisation formed from the merger of Herefordshire Voluntary Action (HVA), The Alliance and Herefordshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services (HCVYS).

For more information on our services go to the website below or contact us via our email address.

Phone: 01432-343932
Email: click here
Website: http://www.hvoss.org.uk/

Lugg Valley Friends Cancer Research UK (Events)

The committee of Lugg Valley Friends would like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed and supported our Pancakes and Tea Event at Siward James Centre on Tuesday, 12th February 2013, which raised £290.41 for CANCER RESEARCH UK.

Marie Curie Cancer Care (Events)
Phone: 0800-716 146
Email: click here
Website: www.mariecurie.org.uk

Midlands Air Ambulance (Events)

The Midlands Air Ambulance is the only Charity responsible for funding and operating three Air Ambulances serving the communities of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. This constitutes the largest air ambulance operating region in the UK.

Since 1991, the Charity has responded to more than 34,000 missions averaging 3,000 per year or nearly ten each day, making it one of the longest established and busiest Air Ambulance organisations in the UK.

The Charity’s three aircraft each carry a crew comprising Pilot, two Paramedics or Flight Doctors plus full life-support medical equipment. Operating from strategically located regional air bases, the maximum flying time to hospital from anywhere in the region is less than 15 minutes.

What is not widely known is that Midlands Air Ambulance receives no Government or National Lottery funding. £6 million is needed each year to keep its three Air Ambulances operational which is donated entirely by the public and local businesses, with 4 in 10 of those we help funded by Gifts in Wills.

If a patient reaches hospital within 60 minutes of injury (referred to as the ‘Golden Hour’) their chances of survival are dramatically increased. That is why the rapid response of the Midlands Air Ambulance is so vital in an emergency situation.

Website: http://www.midlandsairambulance.com/index.php

Operation Christmas Child (Events)

A big thank you to everyone who provided filled shoeboxes and helped Renie Stovell pack 394 shoeboxes for children in Azerbaijan.

Contact: Pat Horrigan
Appointment: Local Co-ordinator
Phone: 01568-797044
Website: www.operationchristmaschild.org.uk

Royal National College for the Blind (Events)

The Royal National College for the Blind is an independent specialist Further Education College for young people and adults who are visually impaired or blind. The College offers a wide range of academic and vocational programmes preparing students for their transition into adulthood. The residential provision and holistic independence training, largely funded by charitable donations, underpin these.

The RNC experience is life changing for students many of whom have struggled in previous education settings and experienced mental health problems. In March 2017 Ofsted rated our Education and Skills provision as Good in all areas. As recently as February 2018 Ofsted Social Care inspection judged RNC as Outstanding in all areas. Inspectors found that:

‘Students make exceptional progress from their starting points. They make vast improvements in their confidence, social skills and independence skills. Students thrive in an inclusive environment. Feedback from students, their parents and other professionals about the college is superb. Managers and staff use research to underpin their everyday practice. In addition, the college shares its specialist knowledge and pioneering work with other agencies. The college has an exceptionally ambitious, driven, innovative and experienced management team whose members drive continuous improvement.’

Address: Venns Lane, Hereford, HR1 1DT
Contact: Frances Devereux
Appointment: Fundraising Manager
Phone: 01432-376372
Phone: 01432-265725 (Main Reception)
Email: click here
Website: https://www.rnc.ac.uk/

Samaritans (Events)Address: 44A, Berrington Street, Hereford HR4 0BJ
Phone: 01432-269000

Siward James Centre (Events)

Siward James 1873-1962

Siward James was born in Birmingham on 28th December 1873. He was a grandson of Joseph James (born 1779) of Leominster, who moved to Edgbaston.

Siward was educated at King Edward’s School Birmingham and became a solicitor at the age of 21. He joined his father’s firm - James Kentish & James, which later became James Atkins & Selkirk with offices in Great Charles Street, Birmingham. Siward was a prominent citizen of Birmingham, being a member of the City Council and a Governor of King Edward’s School, as well as serving on many other committees.

He married Gladys Hinton (1880-1955) of Birmingham in 1901.

Siward had a long family connection with Leominster. His great-grandfather, Thomas James (1752-1839), lived in Leominster and married Sarah Vale of Upper Bache Farm, Kimbolton. This farm which has been in the family for approximately 400 years was passed down the line to Siward and then to Thomas Vale James-Moore. Siward’s great-uncle, Henry James (1801-1869) was Mayor of Leominster in 1854 & 1859.

Kenneth Vale James-Moore - son of Siward’s cousin, John Howard James-Moore - was also his godson. Kenneth Vale lived at Houghton Court, Bodenham.

Siward and Gladys did not have any children of their own and he wished his ancestors to be remembered in the Leominster area, which he loved. When he retired, he spent his summers in Leominster & winters in Devon. In his will Siward appointed Thomas James-Moore as one of his executors.

Siward left money to fund the building of almshouses in Leominster, Kimbolton, or Bodenham in memory of his family. A suitable site was found in Bodenham and Siward James Close consisting of 20 bungalows (a further 3 Arkwright bungalows were added later) was opened by Lady Hereford of Hampton Court on Friday, 20th November 1970.

Address: Siward James & Arkwright Trust Charity, 21, Siward James Close, Bodenham, Herefordshire HR1 3LS
Phone: 01568-797412

St Margaret's Church Wellington (Events)

St Michael and All Angels Church Bodenham (Events)Address: Church Walk, Bodenham, Herefordshire
Contact: The Revd Heather Short
Appointment: Vicar
Phone: 01568-797370

St Michael's Hospice (Events)

St Michael’s Hospice
needs your support

Every single penny you donate to the Hospice stays in Herefordshire directly for the benefit of local people. It doesn’t get added to a national pot which is spent around the UK; it helps the Hospice provide specialist services to patients, their families and friends at one of their greatest times of need.

Thank you for your continued support.


St Michael’s Hospice provides a sympathetic house clearance service. Items collected are sold or recycled by our Retail Team. This helps us continue providing vital care free of charge to patients, their families and carers.

If you can, please Gift Aid your donation. The Gift Aid scheme enables us to claim an extra 25p for each £1 donated at no extra cost to the donor. So, if Gift Aided, a sofa sold for £100 would mean a total of £125 raised for your Hospice.

We accept most items, including Suites & lounge furniture; dining tables & chairs; beds & bedroom furniture; TVs; DVDs & stereos; white goods; clothing; shoes; jewellery; bric-a- brac and ornaments. To help with the clearance of a property, we can arrange for all contents to be packed and sorted ready for removal.

Get in touch and find out how we can help. Before providing the service, we will arrange a visit and in some instances, it may be necessary to charge for the house clearance. If so, a no- obligation quote will be provided. Once collected, all items become the property of St Michael’s and are sold to fund Hospice care.

For more information, call the Retail Team on 01432 851 000

Address: Bartestree, Herefordshire HR1 4HA
Contact: Events Team
Phone: 01432-851000
Email: click here

The Garden Room (Events)

“The Garden Room”

Gruneison St, Whitecross,
Hereford. HR4 0DZ

Adult & Seniors Day Centre

Giving Full Time Carers –
Breathers, Breaks & Enjoyment

Open 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Mon Wed Thurs & Friday
Full and ½ Days with Lunch

Fully Flexible Caring Service
with Qualified Care Staff Attending

Information Tel – 01432 278435 or 07971 096233

Phone: 01432-278435
Phone: 07971-096233
Email: click here

The Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre (Events)

The Haven in Hereford is a breast cancer support centre, which offers a complete range of complementary therapies to deal with the emotional and physical impact for anyone dealing with breast cancer. We offer our services, which range from counselling and nutritional therapy through to hypnotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture and vortex healing. We make no charge for our services, believing that no-one should be denied our support based on their ability to pay. We rely completely on fund raising activities and charitable donations to raise the money required to carry on providing our services in Herefordshire and the surrounding counties.

To see our events please go to http://www.thehaven.org.uk/how-you-can-support-us/fundraising-events

Address: The Haven, 37 St Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2JB
Contact: Lesley Leach
Appointment: Community Fundraiser
Phone: 01432-361050
Website: http://www.thehaven.org.uk/

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