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Welcome to St Michael and All Angels' Church, Bodenham

Rector: Revd Paul Roberts 01568-797863 / rector@maundchurches.org.uk


Sue Hack 01568-797129
Margaret Minchin 01568-797848

For latest details of services please see: https://www.achurchnearyou.com/church/10424/

The Vicar's Monthly Message


Dear Friends,

For most of our existence as a species our culture and history has been sustained by telling stories. This “oral tradition” as historians might describe it has often been looked down in favour of written history, but this process of recalling and retelling events when we meet together is a sign of our humanity. The strength of our community can, in part, be measured by the stories we tell.

I wonder what stories we will tell of this past 12 months? We are all hopeful that we will emerge from many of the COVID restrictions during June – a chance to pause and reflect on the hardships, the anxiety and the boredom – but also the ways in which members of our community have supported one another and how we have discovered or rediscovered things about our lives and our local area.

During last month it has been wonderful to be able to visit the open gardens at Southbourne and Pine Lodge, to spend some time in two wonderfully kept gardens and to chat with one another over a cup of tea and piece of cake. An opportunity for us to tell our stories, get to know each other a little better and enjoy some relaxing time in between the showers! This coming month will bring more opportunities for that as will our eagerly anticipated Village Fete on 31st July.

Jesus Christ knew intimately what it was like to be human and to live in community. In a time of low literacy, he did much of his teaching through story. Storytelling that ultimately resulted in the worldwide Christian faith. A favoured method of planting ideas and teachings among his listeners was the telling parables – stories with a message, often containing a contradiction to keep the mind working on them and make them memorable. A favourite of mine is the Good Samaritan – told in response to the question put to Jesus “Who is my neighbour”. It was the most unexpected of people who tended to the injured man, proving that we are good neighbours through our deeds and words… and by being active in our communities.

Here’s to some good storytelling this month,



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