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Welcome to St Michael and All Angels' Church, Bodenham

The Vicar's Monthly Message



In towns these days the harvest no longer has much meaning, as super-markets sell food flown in from all over the world. But in Herefordshire in our beautiful countryside and gardens, we watch the crops and vegetables grow and see the fruit ripen; and at harvest-time we are aware of God’s goodness to us.

On Sunday 1st October we shall celebrate the bounty and beauty of the harvest with our Harvest Thanksgiving Evensong Service at 6.00pm in St Michael’s Church. The Service will be taken by the Revd Andrew Law. He used to live in the village before he was ordained a priest and some of you will remember him. Now he is the Chaplain at Malvern College.

We are progressing slowly in the task of appointing a new Vicar. It was good to meet our friends from the other churches in the Benefice, at Sutton. We considered what we have to offer as a Benefice, what we might change and what we might be the priorities for our new Vicar. Now representatives from the parishes will meet the Archdeacon and finalise an advertisement.

There have been some “Be Our Guest” notices round the village. We are inviting you to join us at St Michael’s Church on Saturday, 30th September at 10.30am for ‘Coffee, Tea and Cake’ and also to hear your comments on past fund-raising events and any ideas you might have for future events. It costs a great deal to maintain and heat a building the size of our church, also to pay clergy stipends, Diocesan staff etc. so money-raising is a necessary task. The social events, however are an opportunity for fun and friendship and make our village a welcoming and pleasant place.

Sadly there is loneliness, as you will see from the article by Dr Karilyn Collins on “Co-Co” – the joint venture of the Doctors’ Surgery, the Hospice, the Chapel and the Church to help those who are not able to get out and about.

We are blessed to live in a happy and healthy place with a caring community.

Vivien Moffitt and Tom James-Moore

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