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Bodenham Parish Plan

Bodenham’s Parish Plan was published on 1 October 2012 and you can read and, if you wish, download it here.

To keep costs down only a few copies of the Plan have been printed. These are available for a nominal charge of £1 on a ‘first come, first served’ basis while stocks last. To request a copy, please contact Derek Ling by e-mail at derek.ling@ymail.com or on 01568-797389.

Alternatively, for those who have a PC, but no access to the internet, a copy of the Plan can be provided on a CD for a nominal charge of £1. To request such a copy, please contact Tony Mitcheson on 01568-797170.

Development of the Plan

The Plan was developed with the aid of grants from the Parish Council and Herefordshire Partnership. Work on it started in February 2010, with a Steering Group holding regular monthly meetings under the chairmanship of Derek Ling.

The first part of the planning process was the holding of two ‘Planning For Real’ open days at the beginning of July 2010 in the Parish Hall and the Siward James Centre, as well as a ‘Planning for Real’ session for pupils and parents at St Michael’s School.

The next, very important, stage was to give everyone living in the Parish the chance to say in more detail what they thought of the Parish and how they would like to see Bodenham develop in the future. This Survey was carried out in October 2010 by means of two questionnaires, one for every adult and one for every under 18 year old, and covered a wide range of key issues, such as healthcare, housing development, safety and the environment. There was an extremely good response to the Survey, with some 67% of adult questionnaires and 62% of Under 18 questionnaires being returned.

The next stage was for all the questionnaires to be sent to Herefordshire Council’s Research Team for analysis. This detailed and lengthy process of going through and assessing all the responses started in November 2010 and was completed in mid-April 2011.

After studying the Research Team’s Report and associated data in detail, the Steering Group was able to hold an Open Day at the Siward James Centre on 24 September 2011. At this the results of the Survey were presented to the community and the Steering Group was able to answer questions, obtain residents’ comments on the Survey’s findings and seek further input to the Plan.

This then allowed the Steering Group to start preparing the Plan itself. When this was nearing completion, the draft was presented, first, to the Parish Council on 9 January 2012 for councillors’ comments and then to Herefordshire Council and other local agencies for any input they might have before the Plan was finalised.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

The development of the Plan was a lengthy and careful process and this was essential to ensure that it is firmly based and carries proper weight with the community and the local authorities. Thanks go to all local residents who took the trouble to complete the survey questionnaires back in the Autumn of 2010 or who attended the various Open Days. It is on your input to these that the whole Plan has been built and, as you will see from the action points, much has already been achieved. For example, two new bus shelters have been installed on the C1125, several successful ‘litter picks’ have removed a lot of rubbish from our roads, a carers’ support group has been established in the Parish, and speed enforcement measures have been introduced in the 40mph area on the A417.

Of course, special thanks must go to all the members of the Steering Group who contributed an immense amount of their time, not only to the meetings at which the Plan was developed, but also to the interviews and other detailed research which underpin it, to such tasks as distributing and collecting questionnaires, to setting up and running the Open Days, and so on.

Finally, while the Plan was entirely community-led and the Parish Council and Herefordshire Council took no part in its construction, apart from offering some useful comments on its penultimate draft, thanks also go to both Councils for providing the funds without which the Plan could not have been produced.

The Future

We hope that you will find the Plan interesting and thought-provoking. We are sure that you will not agree with some of it – you may even not agree with much of it! If you have any comments to make on it, please contact the Parish Clerk at fork.lightning@gmail.com. However, the Plan is intended to be a living document, one which can be reviewed and revised over time as some parts of it are implemented, as others are overtaken by events, and as new challenges arise. So, if you would like to help in its implementation, amendment and further development, we should particularly like to hear from you.

15 October 2012


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